RDA Records in Their Natural Habitat

Just posted by J. McRee Elrod on the RDA-L list:

“Records from LC’s RDA test are available for viewing in their online


“To find the records:

“1. From the home page, left click BASIC SEARCH

“2. In the SEARCH TEXT box, type: 040e rda

“3. Left click EXPERT SEARCH in the SEARCH TYPE box.

“4. Left click BEGIN SEARCH button.

“5. To view a record, left click any title.

“6. You will be taken to the BRIEF RECORD display. To see the full
MARC record, left click MARC TAGS tab.

“The few records I saw were for books only. All have the new 33x
fields, although it’s possible that LC and/or other agencies may not
use these fields for plain vanilla texts.”

You can also search all the RDA records in WorldCat by calling up the Search WorldCat dialog box (F2) in Connexion, and typing dx:rda in the Command Line Search box at the top.

The University of Chicago Library is another RDA test site where you can view RDA records in the catalog. Just follow the PAC View links in the RDA Examples document (as the introductory paragraph notes, the MARC View links aren’t working) and then, when looking at the record, click on “MARC Display” at the left. This page links to University of Chicago documentation (including the examples) and presentations, as well as LC’s RDA-related documentation.


Author: R.A. Stewart

Librarian, poet, sometime musician, father, grandfather, codger; as of November 9, 2016, second-class citizen of a banana republic.

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