Planning for RDA

For several years now we have been focusing much attention on the content of RDA, and that is still a necessary focus. But for the 2012 Annual Conference (Bouncing Higher!) of the Illinois Library Association, I thought we were due for a discussion of how we are planning, or should plan, for the adoption of the new standard, now that the Library of Congress has set a target date for implementation less than six months away.

My presentation, which includes both my own ideas and contributions from several colleagues, is posted on the conference website. I’m posting it here as well, as a PPT file so you can see the notes, and as a PDF in case you have trouble accessing the PPT. There are also two PDF documents, one with a list of training resources, the other with a couple of songs you are free to use. Because what’s really wrong with RDA is that it doesn’t have enough songs, don’t you think?

Wait a Minute, How Many Months 2012-10-17 (PPT)

Wait a Minute, How Many Months 2012-10-17 (PDF)

Some RDA Training Resources 2012-10-11

Cataloging Campfire Songs selections


Author: R.A. Stewart

Librarian, poet, sometime musician, father, grandfather, codger; as of November 9, 2016, second-class citizen of a banana republic.

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