Let’s Play Family Feud: A Public Services/Technical Services Dialogue

Posted by Steve Shadle on the OCLC-CAT and AUTOCAT discussion lists:

Dear Colleagues,

We need you to help us “Play the Feud!”  We have prepared a very brief, voluntary, anonymous survey that explores communication challenges between Public Services and Technical Services.  The responses will be used in an ALA Annual 2016 conference program, “Let’s Play Family Feud: A Public Services/Technical Services Dialogue.”  Join us for the program (details below) to find out the most popular responses!

Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/76RZLYN

The survey will be open from 5/17/16 through 5/27/16.


ALA Annual Conference Session: http://bit.ly/1TBk18N

Title: “Let’s Play Family Feud: A Public Services/Technical Services Dialogue”

When: Sunday, 6/26/16, 1:00-2:30PM

Where: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL, Room W304 G-H


Sometimes communicating at work can be challenging, especially between the two “families” of Technical Services and Public Services. This program will examine those challenges, “Family Feud” style. Technical Services and Public Services panelists will reveal the most popular responses to continuing resources-related “Family Feud” questions. Following the game, each panelist will discuss in greater detail the topic of each round, and we’ll end with discussion about communication and continuing resources best practices. Sponsored by ALCTS Continuing Resources Section (CRS) and RUSA Reference Services Section (RSS).


Lizzie Gall, Youth Services Supervisor, Grand Rapids Public Library

Lynn Jacobson, Bibliographic Systems and Access Manager, Jacksonville Public Library

Rachel Minkin, Reference Librarian, Michigan State University

Steve Shadle, Serials Access Librarian, University of Washington

Rebecca Goldfinger, Continuing Resources Librarian, University of Maryland, College Park (Moderator)

Sponsored by ALCTS Continuing Resources Section & RUSA Reference Services Section

There are still a few days left to weigh in on the survey.

Does communication with our public-service colleagues sometimes feel like a “family feud”?  (At least it’s acknowledged that we are in the same family!)  Or if you have responsibilities in both areas, as many of us do, do you ever feel a tension between the needs and priorities of your two roles?  And how do you address these issues?


Author: R.A. Stewart

Librarian, poet, sometime musician, father, grandfather, codger; as of November 9, 2016, second-class citizen of a banana republic.

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