What are these Flaming Catheads, anyway?

The title is a tribute of sorts to an online gaggle of radical and/or curmudgeonly types on AUTOCAT, who several years ago (when it began to seem that LC was backing away from being a standard-bearer for U.S. cataloging practice) began talking about organizing in defense of full and high-quality cataloging and other such outmoded commie stuff.  Among the discussions of what we might call ourselves, I came up with Flaming Catheads. Most of us ended up hanging out at RADCAT and getting no more formally organized than that, but I couldn’t let go of the name.

I call this blog a conversation.  That is what I hope it will be: taking its direction partly from events, partly from my thoughts (such as they are), and partly from your responses.  FRBR, FRAD, and RDA, Otlet and La Fontaine (tip o’ the hat to W. Boyd Rayward, my thesis advisor at the University of Chicago’s Graduate Library School, who is probably still wondering when I’ll make something of myself), the dire economy, the future of civilization: we have a lot to talk about.

If you’d like to contact me, here’s the form:


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